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Wendy Ologe

Is the foremost parent coach in Africa who believes that her calling to parents will change the next generation of People in Africa

She is the founder of The Intentional Parent Academy; a coaching outfit dedicated to equipping parents and intending parents to intentionally raise their children positively especially in the face of our decaying societal values.

Wendy aims to lead parents with everything it takes to raise an excellent child mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically — because she believes that parenting the next generation better is the way to have a better world tomorrow. She helps parents parent with peace and calm.

She believes that Parenting isn’t about tips and Hacks but a process that walks a child through the 18 years of their lives with the parent as a guide.

The Intentional Parent Academy has several programs and courses that help parents run through a process that helps them raise their children intentionally.

Wendy is also the Convener of the famous online parents conference The Intentional Parent Conference; A global annual program for parents to help transform their generations to come.


In 2021, she was named one of the best Top 20 Female Coaches in the world by the divine purpose magazine United States of America and was featured on FOX, NBC, abc and CBS news USA


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TIP Academy runs the famous Inner Circle Program for Parents

A program that takes parents through a yearly process that have impacted families and generation to come.

She is the author of many best selling parenting books including Connect to Correct, Walking Your Child Through Puberty, The Discipline That Works, From Yelling To Calm, Resolving Sibling Rivalry, Parenting Launch Plan, Sex Educate Your Child Like a Pro Vol. 1 and her latest 3 publications, Raising the Independent Thinking Child, How to Love Your Child More and Sex Educate Your Child Like a Pro Vol. 2.

She has also authored 20 other parenting Guides. All available in Nigeria and on Amazon.

Her books and parenting guides has sold over 500,000  copies across the nations of the earth.

She likes to refer to her husband as the Governor and a “god”. Their union of 14 years is blessed with 2 biological children. A set of twins.

The Intentional Parent Academy

Also runs an online community on Facebook called the Intentional Parent with over 110,000 members as at today

October 2019, Wendy represented Africa at the Facebook global parenting panel at their headquarters in California, United States.

The Intentional Parent Facebook group was recognized as one of the most relevant and engaging parenting groups globally in 2019 by FACEBOOK.

On 1st of October, 2020 at the Facebook Community summit , Wendy was named by the Facebook team as one of the people building relevant groups globally.

Wendy is the first African and Nigerian to sit on the Board of The International Day of Calm.

Wendy is also the executive director at Smart OFFICE, a corporate organization with a focus on developing businesses through capacity building, provision of serviced work Spaces and hostels for students.


Her work experiences include years in international non-governmental organizations with over 10 years of experience in USAID leading projects. Wendy also has experience in the banking sector.

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