Elevate your event with Wendy Ologe, Africa’s foremost parent coach, and a globally recognized voice in intentional parenting. Wendy brings a dynamic presence to stages, captivating audiences with her passion for shaping a brighter future through intentional parenting practices.


With over a decade of experience, Wendy has graced international platforms, including the prestigious Christian Broadcasting Network and Facebook’s global parenting panel. Her insights resonate globally, offering a holistic approach to parenting that encompasses mental, emotional, spiritual, and practical aspects.


Invite Wendy to ignite transformation in your audience. Her impactful speaking engagements, backed by bestselling books and a thriving online community, inspire lasting change for parents and the next generation.


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TIP Academy Inner Circle

Join a community of over 3000 dedicated parents who are committed to raising exceptional children in a rapidly changing world. Our curriculum-based one-year group coaching program, led by Wendy Ologe, Africa’s leading parent coach, is your compass to navigating the complexities of modern parenting.


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Dive deep into a transformative experience that covers diverse dimensions of parenting: from fostering emotional intelligence to nurturing spiritual growth. Through interactive sessions, personalized guidance, and peer support, you’ll cultivate skills that empower both you and your child.

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Preparing Your Children for Puberty

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5 Sexual Misconceptions Every Parent Should Know.

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