5 Parenting Skills You Need to Stop Yelling at Your Children

Nearly all parents struggle with managing their emotions and yelling at their children. Many say they’ve tried to control their anger, but the truth is they might not recognize their triggers. I asked parents in our academy to share what causes them to yell. Interestingly, the reviews revealed that their children weren’t the cause of their yelling.

This is crucial because many parents believe their children make them yell. However, the root of the problem often lies within the parent themselves.

While stopping yelling might seem difficult, it’s achievable by mastering skills like emotional control. Yelling may provide a temporary solution, but it won’t solve the underlying problems.

While yelling may silence your child in the moment, it doesn’t address the root cause of their misbehavior. If it truly solved the problem, wouldn’t you have stopped yelling already? Simply stopping yelling isn’t enough. You need to find more effective parenting strategies. Prayer alone won’t solve the issue.

I still get upset and yell sometimes, but now I take responsibility for my actions. This allows me to choose my responses rather than react impulsively.

Taking responsibility is a crucial step in overcoming the urge to yell. 

The Five Parenting Skills You Need: 

1. Communication Skills:

Effective communication is key to positive parenting. It goes beyond simply staying calm. Many calm parents struggle to communicate their expectations clearly. Yelling or aggression are not effective communication strategies either. In fact, a significant number of parents yell out of frustration with communication breakdowns.

True communication involves ensuring your children can hear and understand your message.  Many parents mistakenly equate authority with force and control. However, genuine authority stems from trust and influence.  Relying solely on the parenting methods you experienced in your childhood can be detrimental to your children. By developing effective communication skills, you can learn to express yourself clearly and respectfully, fostering a positive parent-child relationship.

2. Emotional Intelligence Skills:

Managing your emotions is a crucial parenting skill. Simply staying silent doesn’t equate to emotional control. You can suppress your feelings but still be internally riled up. This can lead to a later explosion, which can be even more damaging. Emotional intelligence empowers you to effectively manage your emotions and respond thoughtfully in challenging situations. 

3. Discipline Skill:

Discipline provides structure, which is essential for reducing yelling. It’s not about punishment, but about teaching your children responsibility and self-control. Effective discipline involves setting clear expectations, implementing consistent consequences, and using positive reinforcement.  Yelling is a destructive form of discipline that can damage your child’s self-esteem. 

4. Leadership Skills:

Parenting is a form of servant leadership, where you prioritize your children’s needs and well-being. Authoritarian leadership styles that rely on control and aggression are counterproductive.  Effective leadership involves guidance, encouragement, and setting a positive example.  

5. Connection Skills :

Strong relationships with your children are key to reducing yelling. The more connected you feel to your children, the easier it is to communicate effectively and manage challenging situations. Prioritize quality time with your children, actively listen to them, and show them affection. Nurturing a strong connection fosters a more positive and collaborative parent-child dynamic. 

Yelling may seem like a quick way to get your children to obey, but it’s ultimately a destructive parenting tactic.  By  developing the five key parenting skills  – communication, emotional intelligence, discipline, leadership, and connection – you can build strong, trusting relationships with your children and address challenging behaviors more effectively. Remember, parenting is a journey, and there will be setbacks along the way. But by focusing on these skills and staying committed to positive parenting practices, you can create a more harmonious and nurturing home environment for your children.

Do you know that 90% of the parents who come to me have a problem with controlling their emotions and yelling. I often hear them say “I really want to always get a hold of myself but it’s not easy”. “I really want to react calmly to my child’s misbehavior but I cant”

Here’s the truth, parenting with calm is a skill, not just a wish, I have once been at that point where I was “wishing it” but until I learned the skills need to stop yelling absolutely nothing changed.

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