The Role of Parenting in Building A Great Nation

The concept of parenting is often overlooked when it comes to nation-building, but it is in fact a crucial factor that shapes the character, values, and skills of the citizens who will drive the progress and prosperity of the nation. Developed nations recognize this and use parenting as a deliberate strategy to build their nations, and I strongly believe that parenting is the bedrock of our own nation.

Did you know that the success or failure of a nation is largely attributed to its leadership? Do you know that leadership can make or mar a nation . Effective leadership can drive a nation towards progress and prosperity, while poor leadership can lead to stagnation and decline. It is important to recognize that this leadership is nurtured and raised in the home.


Parenting plays a pivotal role in all family settings globally, and by extension, in the success of a nation. In order for a nation to succeed, parents have a critical task to fulfill which is to teach, guide, instruct, and shape the next generation. They are responsible for molding children into responsible, productive, and compassionate members of society.

One of the biggest errors that we make in this part of the world is equating parenting solely with success in education and career achievement. However, parenting encompasses much more than that. It involves instilling values, building character, fostering emotional intelligence, and nurturing relationships. Parenting is a holistic endeavor that shapes the overall well-being and fulfillment of the child, not just their academic and professional success.


Nation building refers to the process of creating and developing a nation, particularly one that has recently gained independence. It is a crucial part of any nation. Nation building is not a random occurrence, it doesn’t happen by accident , but rather a deliberate and intentional effort led by exemplary individuals who are committed to promoting good governance and socio-economic development. In order to ensure the sustainability of nation building, institutions must be established and maintained to support the development and progress of the nation.


After over six decades of independence, Nigeria has continued to experience a decline from its original state. Extensive research has identified numerous challenging factors that hinder the nation-building process. However, one crucial aspect of nation-building that is often overlooked is the role of patriotism among citizens. Patriotism cannot thrive unless it is intentionally cultivated through intentional parenting. Therefore, while these challenges do impact the growth and development of Nigeria as a nation, it is important to recognize that cultivating patriotism through parenting is an essential component of successful nation-building.


The quality of every nation is a direct reflection of the quality of her citizens and the quality of her citizens is determined primarily by the quality of the families that they come from and the quality of families depends on the quality of Parents. What we see today is a direct reflection of the quality of citizens we have and that’s also a direct reflection of the kind of the families that we are building and the quality of the family is dependent on the quality of the parents. This is why parents must commit to building themselves . There is no magic that can happen in any nation if we don’t commit to building ourselves as parents.


The reason for our constant clamor for change since the election is rooted in our failure to raise better individuals. In order to foster better individuals, we must first re-parent ourselves. It is essential to take a closer look at how we can re-parent ourselves in order to bring about the positive change that we seek.This was why I started the transformational work we do at The Intentional Parent Academy.

How To Be Involved In Nation Building

  1. Be Intentional : Parents must become intentional in every aspect of their parenting journey. It is crucial to commit to continually learning and gathering parenting knowledge. In this day and age, it is no longer acceptable to dismiss the need for learning. As parents, we must also reprogram our thought process. Our own parents may have carried their own trauma, which has been passed down to us. It is our responsibility to break this cycle by committing to reprogramming ourselves.

The society we see today is a reflection of the state of our family systems. If we continue to argue that we turned out fine, we will only perpetuate the problems in our nation. A nation is only as strong as its family system because it is within the family that children learn morals and spiritual values that give meaning to their lives. As Blessed John Paul II once said, \’the future of humanity passes by way of the family,\’ he referred to the family as a society in its original form.

  1. Build a Valuable Family System:
    We need to put values around our family system, when you get into the inner circle one of the first things we teach is to build family values . In our nation we are not intentional about building values and unfortunately we uphold culture over values . Values are what builds any system even including the family system . Nation building only starts when we have a renewal.

It is essential to inculcate into our family system strong values. When you enter into our inner circle program( you can join here) , one of the first things we teach is the importance of building family values and how to build them . Unfortunately, in our nation, we have not been intentional about cultivating values. Instead, we uphold culture over values. Values are the foundation for building any system, including the family system. Nation-building can only begin when we have a renewal that emphasizes the importance of strong values.




Parenting today has gone beyond, intuition, experience, and opinion, it\’s now about evidence. Knowing with exactitude the outcome of your journey. And that is what we provide at the academy.

Parenting is about the process, not just Tips and Hacks!! Do you want to build a strong value system and form a foundation so strong to destroy? Do you want to understand why your children act the way they do and help them become better?

⚫️Imagine building a parenting plan and following through in the year with accountability system provided?

⚫️Imagine being able to connect with your children even though you have limited time using a daily connection calendar specifically built to address your needs?

⚫️Imagine keeping a record of your parenting journey in a journal (specifically made for you ) with your goals, challenges, and wins?

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⚫️Imagine being accountable to a system that is not only ensures you learn but ensures you DO and have results?

⚫️Imagine connecting with other parents and learning from their journey?

⚫️Imagine discovering who you are in the real sense of it within 365 days and becoming more?

⚫️Imagine getting all of these benefits for only #70,000 ( $165)/Annum

You don\’t want to keep imagining .These and many more are the benefits of being in the Inner circle.

We worked with over 1,000 parents in 2022 and we currently have over 2,500 New parents enrolled for 2023.

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Your child might be struggling because you don\’t understand how he learns!

My daughter is a dominate auditory learner, in fact, I will say 80%. This makes her verbal and auditory coordination so apt!

A few years ago, we got them bicycles to learn, in split seconds her twin brother who is a dominate Kinesthetic learner started to ride. So kinesthetic learners find physical activities very easy to come by. Our son learnt to swim the same day the swim Coach started his lessons.

In all these years, we have been looking for a way to make our daughter learn to ride because physical activities are part of our value system in our home. No, we never said \”Can\’t you see! your twin brother can ride is easy bla bla! That stuff kills a child who will like to learn faster, it\’s comparison even though parents

Well, we thought of how best we could teach her, then boom her learning style was actually it. So we started to feed her ears first with the learnings on how to ride and not the actual ride itself. Then we got safety guards, …. And our big daughter decided to do the teaching job itself.

Using her dominate learning style instead of forcing and assuming she should just know…she learnt how to ride her bike in 2days!!! Do you know that understanding your child\’s learning style might be the singular solution to her learning difficulties really?

In the Intentional Parent Academy, we run a course where we just don\’t teach parents how to identify the learning styles of their children, we also teach them how to use this learning styles to make their children study effectively and even discipline them correctly.

Do you also know that until you understand how your child learns your discipline will not be effective like I shared in my best selling book \”The Discipline that Works \” Discipline is teaching? And you can only teach when you understand how someone learns.

Understanding this will also help you tailor your child\’s learning in school.

Do you know how your child learns?

Could your child be struggling to learn that thing you are teaching because you are not teaching with her dominant learning style?

Register for the Learning Style Course here: or pay #10,500 to 0509494057 (GTB). The Intentional Parent Academy. Send proof to 09036633600.

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