7 Essential Skills Every Child Needs To Thrive in Life / School

As parents, we all want our children to succeed in life. We hope that they will grow up to be happy, fulfilled, and able to handle any challenges that come their way. However, many children miss out on learning essential life skills and how to handle real-world situations until they become adults. While schools play a crucial role in a child\’s education, these skills are primarily learned at home. As parents, it\’s our responsibility to provide our children with the tools they need to succeed, and there is a critical window of opportunity during which we can do so.


In this blog post, I will discuss seven core skills that will help your child collaborate with others effectively. These skills are invaluable and will benefit your child for a lifetime.

  1. Executive Functioning Skills: Executive functioning skills that encompasses a broad set of cognitive skills that are performed by the executive part of the brain. These skills are often overlooked but essential for success in many areas of life. The following skills are included in executive functioning:

A. Adaptable And Critical Thinking: When it comes to creativity, there are 2 kinds of strategies namely

  • Red ocean, and
  • Blue ocean strategies.
    Blue ocean strategists think out of the box. They do or create things from scratch and off the beaten path. They do a lot of critical thinking while the red ocean strategists do what I call copy and paste. They simply copy what someone else has done and replicate it with a little tweak. When it comes to parenting, we are mostly red ocean strategists. We do what is readily available.

Most of us were not raised to ask \”why\”. Adaptable thinking helps you question things that you used to know. He who knows why is greater and superior to he who knows how. How is important but if your child knows the why, it helps the child create without sticking to the known way/method. Adaptable and critical thinking makes your child stand out. It allows your child to recreate a circumstance using the same system, i.e, thinking of alternative ways to solve the same problem.


B. Planning: Most of us were raised with the mentality that whatever will be, will be. However, it is essential to learn how to plan as building on principles and plans can help us achieve the desired results. As Bishop Oyedepo rightly puts it, \”prayer without planning is like living in the woods without knowing it.\” Sometimes we pray for things but fail to plan for them, assuming that they will just happen on their own. However, as the scripture says, \”Have you ever seen someone who is about to build his house and didn\’t count the cost?\” Therefore, when we set off to parent, we need to count the cost, which includes the knowledge we need to acquire, the finances required, and the time involved.\”

C. Decision-making: When you expose your children to this executive functioning skill, it helps them make better decisions. Most of us do not know how to make critical decisions and in turn, we do not know how to teach our children. Decision-making will help the children take full responsibility.

D. Self-monitoring And Self-control: This is one aspect of the executive functioning skills that we don\’t pay attention to. This skill is all about monitoring and controlling what is happening to a person at every point in time. It helps your child to be able to look and see where there is a gap and know when to fill it up. That\’s why emotional intelligence is key.

E. Working Memory: You develop working memory in your children through the things they do daily. Putting them on the screen and not replacing the screen with educational activities will slow down their working memory.


F. Time Management And Organization: A lot of us get overwhelmed because we do not know how to manage our time and that\’s the reason why a lot of parents complain that they do not have the time to parent their children or read books. The interesting thing is that everyone on earth has 24 hours in a day and those who can create or produce maximize theirs. If 24 hours isn\’t enough for you, then it shows that you are a poor home manager. Being organized helps your child to manage his space and time.

  1. Social Skills. Social skills are as broad as executive functioning skills, encompassing communication, listening, and collaboration.
    Effective communication is essential for success in personal and professional life. Your child needs to learn how to use different communication methods appropriately, express themselves clearly, and actively listen. These skills are not typically taught in schools, but rather at home. If you cannot communicate effectively with your children, they will struggle to do so with others. If all your child learns about communication is through yelling, they will model that behavior.
    Encourage your children to speak, collaborate, and make friends. Human beings thrive in communities and need relationships. Some parents discourage their children from having friends out of fear of negative influence. However, children will be influenced regardless, so it is crucial to teach them to choose positive influences. Collaborating with others can help prevent social awkwardness. Remember, there is no prosperity without relationships and associations.\”
  2. Financial Literacy Skills: The knowledge of money is more important than what you bequeath to your children. A lot of us think that financial literacy means leaving some property and cash for our children. Financial literacy isn\’t just about money it involves having the knowledge of and understanding of how to manage money. A lot of people get uncomfortable when the issue of money is talked about because while growing up our parents did not teach us ways to make money.
  3. Self-directed And Engage Learning: To teach this skill to your child, you need to encourage the love for learning and limit your child\’s access to the screen. A child who loves learning rarely becomes bored in life. To achieve that, you have to start from their
    strength to their weakness. To recognize their strengths, you need to understand how your child learns because it is their learning strength. Self-directed and engaged learning skill helps model curiosity and enthusiasm for learning in life.
  4. Resilience Skills: One of the most important traits we can develop in life is resilience. It is also known as a take-on challenge. It is about being able to take on challenges and bounce back from failure. A lot of parents are afraid that their children will fail but there\’s beauty in failure. It gives you the edge of making better comebacks. Learning to understand why failure is good changes the game for you as a parent.
  5. Focus Skills: Attention is the new code. To drive attention, you need focus. To make money, you need to drive attention. Teach your children to focus. To build attention,
    start by teaching them to focus on a thing. Distraction is a big killer and one of them is the screen( phones, tablets, televisions) These things take away focus. They are addictions.
  6. Perspective Thinking: Thinking about another point of view does not come naturally to a lot of people. It can be developed by discussing the character\’s feelings and motivations in books. You can help your child by helping them observe how others are feeling by asking them questions based on a movie or what they\’ve read. This skill makes them more empathic and empathy is about how the decisions you make can affect the next person.
  7. Decision-making And Problem-solving Skills: A lot of us don\’t like taking responsibility for our decisions. We do the blame game. When you take decisions, you must critically look at the aspects of the
    decisions. The aspect of decision-making must not be dependent on anybody. Many of us were not taught to solve problems and that is why we can\’t create. Creativity is a function of problem-solving. Children who are taught to solve problems can create and they are also good at mathematics and mathematics is solved because it is a problem.

A child is a product of who raised him, how he was raised, and what the person that raised him knows. You can be an advantage or disadvantage to your child. Prayer alone doesn\’t solve parenting problems. It requires the knowledge you acquire, and how effectively you put them to use. When you pray, you plan. Your children\’s school won\’t and can\’t give them the skills they need in life. The reason why some children struggle is that there are gaps and they need to be filled.


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